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Pinworm pszichoszomatika, A pszichológiai problémák és a szomatikus egészség kapcsolata Tartalom Maturitas ;May. The purpose of this research was to study the relationship between the menopausal status and body fatness.

pinworms pszichoszomatika

Body composition was estimated by body impedance analysis. In a subsample free estradiol and progesterone pinworms pszichoszomatika in saliva were quantified. Premenopausal women who were much older than the median age at menopause had a higher amount of fat pinworm pszichoszomatika their postmenopausal age-peers, while postmenopausal women, whose menopause occurred much earlier than the median age at menopause, had less fat than their premenopausal age-peers.

The body fat mass pinworms pszichoszomatika premenopausal women with low levels of sex hormones was always below the pinworm pszichoszomatika value of the menopausal status subgroups, while the body fat mass of postmenopausal women with high levels of sex hormone levels was above the age-median values.

pinworms pszichoszomatika

Thus future epidemiological screenings of women exposed to higher levels of menopause-related health risks should be expanded beyond pinworm pszichoszomatika estimation of menopausal pinworm pszichoszomatika based only on menstrual history to include sex hormone level assessment, as well as body composition analysis. Olvassa el is.

pinworms pszichoszomatika